Friday, November 03, 2006

'Tis Done (for now)

This first phase of the Cathedral's renovation is complete!

The enlarged restroom is finished. The sink and mirror are in place. The restroom is handicapped-accessible and family friendly. When you come to Mass this weekend, be sure to take a peek at the beautiful woodwork and the great tilework (design courtesy of our talented Associate Pastor, Fr. Matt).

Let's recap the work done in this first Phase of the Renovation:
  1. Decaying wood in the upper church has been replaced by new wood and metal bracing.
  2. The previous sound system's speakers and the "gondola" that held them have been removed from the ceiling.
  3. New braces reinforce the roof, eliminating any swaying and creaking in the upper church due to high winds during Oklahoma's lengthy storm season.
  4. A new fire suppression system protects the entire Cathedral from fire danger.
  5. The air conditioning ducts have been re-routed so that we will enjoy cool air in the Summer, but we won't have to look at unsightly air vents.
  6. The men's restroom has been expanded to accommodate wheelchair-bound parishioners and guests.
  7. The cathedra, the Bishop's chair, sits at the side of the sanctuary, near its original position where it was in 1914.
  8. Most important to Catholics, the Blessed Sacrament is now reserved in the central high altar.
As an added bonus, the vestibule outside the new restroom is painted in new colors. The original tile floor has been restored. These new wall colors are a sneak peak of what the entire interior of the Cathedral might look like as the Renovation continues.

Work will continue! We are currently searching for a better lift chair to assist our parishioners who have difficulty climbing stairs.

Check back here often. Soon, you'll see new posts describing in detail the future Phases of the Renovation. The next Phases will include a new copper roof, restored spires, a greatly improved sound system, a repainted Cathedral interior, and the restoration of our beautiful statues, altars, and Stations of the Cross.

Please remember the Cathedral in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

Re: Cathedra

When in use by the Bishop, why can't the Cathedra me angled to face the congregation as is the presider's chair?

Mike Malcom said...

It is my understanding that the Bishop himself asked for the cathedra to be placed where it is and at the angle it is.

The cathedra is at a 90 degree angle to the tabernacle and to the people. The angle of the cathedra allows the Bishop to turn his head to pray towards the tabernacle. He may also turn his head to address the people as he does at the Opening Pryaer, for example.