Thursday, June 13, 2013

Insulation will keep us cool in the summer

For the first time in Holy Family Church's history, we have insulation in the attic.

The Cathedral's attic above the vaults and below the roof.
The Cathedral has about ten feet of space under the copper roof and above the vaults in the church. The attic runs the length of the Cathedral. In the summertime, that space is about twenty degrees hotter than the ambient air outside. The heat is transferred into the church and makes the air conditioners run longer.

Liquid Insulation is pumped into the attic.

The new insulation is a liquid that is pumped into the attic then sprayed on the underside of the roof. The liquid expands and hardens as it cools. This type of insulation works well for Holy Family because we will not have the pink, fluffy type of insulation resting on the vaulted ceiling.

Our insulation has fire-retardant properties that will complement our existing fire-suppression system.