Friday, October 27, 2006

The Sanctuary Rug

Last summer, we knew that the installation of the fire suppression system would shake a lot of plaster loose from the vaults. We did not want that plaster to land on the beautiful rug in the sanctuary where it would be ground into the rug as people walked on it.

We sent it off to be cleaned and to have the fringe restored. The rug has been back for several, several weeks. I was taking some photos of it this afternoon and thought that I'd share them.

As always click on the photos for larger versions.


marco frisbee (Paul Stokell) said...

Is your altar on a predilla, or is the rest of the sanctuary platform under carpet?

Awesome rug.

Mike Malcom said...

The high altar is on a predella. The rug is pretty big, but it doesn't cover the entire sanctuary. During Chrism Masses and Ordinations, the concelebrating priests stand on the rug.

The best photo on this blog to show the rug's placement is one from July 26, 2006: "Insensitively placed air ducts." At the time of that photo, the rug was being cleaned. What you see in the photo is a carpet pad. The real rug stops just before it reaches the steps.