Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Fire Supression system installed in basement

Work continues on the installation of the fire suppression system in the Cathedral's basement. This photo shows some of the equipment waiting to be connected.

There are two types of fire suppression: wet and dry. Both types have pipes with sprinkler heads which will soak the space immediately around them. A wet system has water in the pipes, waiting to be dispensed by the heads. Ours is a dry system, meaning that there is no water in the pipes ordinarily. If the system detects a fire, an enormous pump will quickly move water up into the pipes and out the sprinkler heads. The advantage of a dry system is that there is no risk of a leaky pipe damaging the interior of the Cathedral.

The installation team temporarily converted a storage room near the Auditorium's stage into a workshop. Installers cut and bend pipes to fit into our building.

Please continue to pray for the success of this renovation to our Cathedral.