Thursday, May 31, 2007

Glass in the Cathedral's Interior Doors

The Cathedral's interior doors will look quite different when you come to Mass this weekend.

Over the years, many parishioners entering the church have collided with others exiting the church. The problem was the all-wood doors - quite beautiful yet quite opaque.

The photo to the right shows the doors in progress. The middle sections of the doors have been removed and the glass awaits installation.

The glass will likely accentuate the cross shape in the doors and it will prevent any future "fender benders" as worshippers enter and exit the building.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ice Damage Repairs: Update

The metal grating that protects the air conditioners from falling ice has been repaired. There are a few places where the grating is bowed a little bit. Overall, the grating is ready for another winter.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Repairing Ice Damage

Remember that ice storm last winter? The storm deposited two or three inches of ice over every house, tree, sidewalk - and Cathedral - in Tulsa. After several long and cold days, the weather finally changed.

The sun eventually warmed the ice on our tall Gothic church's roof. A large sheet slid off the roof and crashed onto our air conditioning equipment. The ice would have done considerable damage to the relatively delicate equipment. However, there is a large metal "roof" over the air conditioners that lets water through, but blocks ice and other falling objects. It's good to know that the metal structure does its job well. The bad news is that the metal roof was nearly destroyed in the process.

Men used a small crane to remove debris from the mechanical yard where the air conditioners are. They are currently working to rebuild the protective framework.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A little cleanup here, a lot of planning there...

This is a photo of the interior of one of the small Cathedral towers. This room is to the side of the choir loft. You can see similar areas in a video from last year. It was quite cluttered at the time. Now, most of the debris is gone and the floor has been patched.

Monsignor Gier is busy planning the next phase of the renovation. If you want to know what the next phase includes look up. Look way up.