Friday, August 19, 2011

Update: The Shrines

The acoustic tiles that lined the back wall of the Cathedral are gone. The wall are painted to match the yellow elsewhere in the church.

Monsignor Gier announced that two large shrines will be built to house our historic Missionary Crucifix [seen in the above photo] and our Holy Family statue. The shrine around the Holy Family statue will honor the major donors to the Cathedral's Renovation. The shrine around the Crucifix will honor Monsignor James Halpine, former rector, and all other priests who have died since the 1974 creation of the Diocese of Tulsa.

Updates will come as soon as work begins in the Cathedral. The estimate for the project's completion is December.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Work in the back of the Cathedral

When you come to church this Sunday, things will look a little different in the back of the Cathedral.

The Holy Family statue is safe and off to the side. A careful look at it reveals many small cracks and a few larger pieces of plaster missing.

The acoustic panels under the choir loft are coming down. Our previous sound system required the panels to prevent unwanted echoes. The new one does not need the panels. They had been mounted with screws into the walls. John Dzurilla is partching the holes.

Nothing major is happening.