Friday, November 10, 2006

Electrical Work

The lamps (the bulbs) in the lighting fixtures in the Cathedral are new. We have had some difficulty in finding replacement lamps when old ones burned out because they are no longer commonly made. The new lamps are standard sized, inexpensive, and plentiful.

The Cathedral lighting is only one part of a larger project to bring the electrical wiring up to current code. Much of the wiring in the Cathedral and the Cathedral basement has been replaced during past renovations. For example, the not-so-recent renovations of the Auditorium and the room we used to call the "panel room" (now the Halpine Room) probably included new wiring. The 1984 installation of the new pipe organ required new wiring to the choir loft.

The Rectory's wiring is older. Electricians cut power to the Rector last Wednesday to examine the state of the wiring. It was a dark and quiet day! The electricians said that much of the wiring and many breaker boxes will be replaced. I expect a few weekdays without power in the next few months. [When the power to the Rectory is cut, the phones stop working. If you try to call and get no answer after several rings, the power is probably out.]

This photo shows current work in the space above the Halpine Room. I am no expert, but I believe that the large pipe is part of the fire suppression system. The smaller conduits are for the electrical system.

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