Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Work on the Chapel's new ceiling begins

Canned lights swing on their cables over a few ladders and some cutting equipment. Everything in the Chapel is coated in a fine white powder, the residue from last week's removal of the drop ceiling.

We should see the frame of the new ceiling in a few days.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Update: Chapel

The Chapel's ceiling is gone. All of the tiles are in a dumpster between the church and the school.

The Chapel looks different, of course. The altar, pulpit, pews, chairs, statues, paintings, and stations of the cross are stored somewhere else.

The tabernacle is securely mounted to the wall. It is wrapped in plastic. It goes without saying that the Blessed Sacrament was transferred out of it.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chapel of Peace gets some attention

[Click on the photos to see a larger version.]

The Chapel of Peace, downtown Tulsa's quiet place of prayer, is not as peaceful today as it usually is. It is getting a new ceiling. Here are some photos of the chapel without its old "drop ceiling."


These photos capture the rays of the rising sun highlighting the new copper roof.

South Transept Roof prepared for Copper

Roofers are removing the aluminum shingles over the South Transept. They are preparing the roof to receive its shiny new copper.

[This photo was taken at dawn so it is a little overexposed. Better photos will follow.]

Friday, September 19, 2008

Fundraising Goals outlined

The Renovation is moving along nicely. To make sure it keeps moving, Holy Family is conducting a fundraising campaign. The goals of the campaign are outlined on the main parish website. Click on the image below to go directly to it.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Organ is Back

The organ tuners finished their work yesterday. Although the organ is tuned regularly, it was especially in need of attention following the renovation work in the choir loft. In the above photo, Cathedral Organist Ernest Neal is playing some Mendelssohn.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Something for the History Buffs

This blog usually focuses on the day-to-day changes regarding the current renovation.

If you are even mildly interested in the early history of Catholicism in Tulsa, you will probably enjoy reading this booklet: Holy Family Church, Tulsa, Indian Territory. It is a compilation of narratives from two early pastors of Holy Family Church in Tulsa. Fathers Charles Van Hulse and John Heiring recall the significant moments in the first 24 years of parish history.

There is almost no editing of the priests' words. Every figure of speech is preserved. Plus there are some fun photographs too.

If you enjoyed reading this booklet, leave a comment. If there is enough demand for it, we may see the series continue.

More Copper Shingles on the second Spire

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Where is the crane?

Until last week, Tulsans making their morning commute watched a large crane sitting in front of the Cathedral.

The crane still here. It's has moved around the corner to the north side of the church. The roofers relocated the crane so that they can put copper shingles on the "back" or west sides of the spires. Since most of the shingles are already installed, we do not expect the crane to remain here long.

Once the two smaller spires are completed, the roofers will move to the large central tower.

Tuning the Organ

Pipe organs don't like to be disturbed. Renovations are particularly troubling.

Holy Family's pipe organ has been making music since Palm Sunday, 1984. The Cathedral organists, E. Farrell Dixon and Ernest Neal, have over 3000 pipes at their disposal - each of which are quite sensitive to temperature, humidity, and dust.

The installation of the fire suppression system involved cutting holes in the vaults high over the pipes. Little flecks of plaster fell into the upright organ pipes causing annoying ciphers. Ernest Neal stretched plastic over the pipes to protect them while the vaults over the organ were painted.

The dust, the plastic, the scaffolding, and the commotion have left us with a detuned organ. Organ tuners from Broken Arrow are in the church this week carefully tuning each pipe. We can expect glorious music from our pipe organ this weekend.

Finishing the Choir Loft Paint

The last of the scaffolding disappeared from the choir loft last week. The last of the trim painting will be finished today.

Our excellent painting crew is down to one man, Tom (in the photo to the right). He has been part of the painting from the beginning. Tom has painted baseboards and the ribs of arches. He has worked in cranes and on ladders.

Today he is working on the area immediately in front of the organ case.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Women's Club gives $20,000 to Renovation

The Holy Family Cathedral Women's Club donated $20,000 toward the Cathedral Renovation. At a meeting today, Monsignor Gier gave the women a sneak peak of the renovation's fundraising campaign. He walked through large photos of the work completed during the renovation. He identified several projects that remain.

The women of the parish voted unanimously to donate the proceeds from the sale of the Holy Family at Christmas prints. Monsignor Gier thanked them and promised that the Women's Club donation would be noted as the first donation to the campaign.

Over the next three weekends, Monsignor Gier will invite everyone who goes to Mass at the Cathedral down to the Auditorium to see and talk about photos of the renovation.

Holy Family Cathedral welcomes anyone who wishes to get information about contributing to the renovation to call the parish office, (918) 582-6247, or to write the Cathedral at:
Holy Family Cathedral
P.O. Box 3204
Tulsa, OK 74101-3204

Anyone visiting downtown Tulsa may see the inside of the Cathedral by contacting Mike Malcom, 582-6247 ext. 22 and scheduling a time. Walk-ins are welcome, but we cannot promise that the church will be open during the week.