Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Stencils behind the High Altar are done; Side Altars are next

The stencils are done - behind the high altar. The funds to pay for the stencils were donated by one household. The donation was separate from the "In Pew" drive and the "Major Gifts" drive.

Several generous donors came forward last weekend with the intention of contributing towards the stenciling behind the side altars. As of now, there have been enough funds donated that we can pay to complete the stencils behind both side altars.

As promised in our parish bulletin, here is a preview of the stencils:

Behind the altar of Saint Joseph, we will see symbols that remind us of him.

The base coat of paint is African violet, or purple. The inspiration to use this color comes from his window in Holy Family's clerestory. His robes more or less match the paint on the walls.

In his window, Saint Joseph is depicted holding an Easter Lily, or a fleur-de-lis. It is a traditional symbol of purity, perfection, and life.

Other symbols in the stencil will be the tools of a carpenter: a square, nails, and a hammer.

The Altar of the Blessed Virgin Mary has a blue wall behind it. The blue is a median color between the two blues in her garments in the windows.

Her symbols are the rose, one of the many common symbols of Mary's beauty and purity. The monogram "A.M." stands for Ave Maria and is based on one of the chasubles worn on Marian feasts.

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