Thursday, March 05, 2009

South side of Apse is nearly done

Tim Linenberger and the fine folks from Linenberger Painting from Salina, Kansas, (785) 825-6387, are doing an excellent job. They are nearly finished with the South or left side of the Apse.

The use two stencils: one for the Chi Rho and the other for the grapes. Tim prepared both stencils based on the designs of Thomas Gordon Smith, our architect. You may click on the photo if you wish to see the precise detail. For example, each grain of wheat must be large enough to be seen from the pews, but it must also look crisp and well-defined up close.

They are using a slightly brighter gold paint than what we see on the ribs of the vaults. The paint is carefully mixed to give the right consistency.

One man holds the stencil in place while another applies the paint using a vigorous circular technique. The process takes only a few minutes per stencil.

Another artist fills in the gaps in the stencil. You can see an unfinished Chi Rho at the bottom of this photo. The ones above it are completed.

They repeat the process several hundred times to finish the walls.

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