Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Scaffolding is Gone

The scaffolding is gone. Workers are removing the wood and drop cloths that protected the marble floor. These photos are our first chance to see the newly painted rondels (plaster air conditioner ducts) and the restored vine painted in the vaulted ceiling over the high altar.


Anonymous said...

I think the red is too dark. All the colors are taking away the simplicity and the soft, elegance of the cathedral. I believe you should re-think your color choices.

Anonymous said...

The colors are of great significance, and our family loves them! Great job!

Anonymous said...

The colors seem so extreme. The ethereal quality of the cathedral has been completely lost. It seems garish and the paint choices make it seem much smaller. It seems more like a funhouse than a cathedral. I've dreamed my whole life of being married in Holy Family, but now I just can't imagine it. It really does pain me to be critical of anything the church does, but this is just awful.