Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Background Paint applied to Blessed Virgin's Altar

I am working on a new "Renovation Update" video. I will be focusing on the work in the spires. I hope to post it on Thursday. Here is one of the older videos.

Inside the Cathedral, we can see the beautiful blue paint behind the Blessed Virgin's altar. Remember that a stencil will be applied over it. The vaults over this altar are white with gold ribbing. [Click on the photo to see a large version.]

The vaults in the South Transept are approaching completion. Painters will put a second or third coat of yellow paint on the walls. The rondells, the round plaster disks hiding the air conditioning ducts, have yet to be painted in the transept. The capitals of the columns, and the walls surround the lower half of the Resurrection window remain to be painted.

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