Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sawdust, Sawdust Everywhere

Three separate crews are working on projects today.

1. Two carpenders are trimming out the stairs that lead from the northen front vestibule to the choir loft. They are using the front steps of the Cathedral as a place to cut the angled pieces of trim to finish the stairs.

2. The first Lift Chair is being installed. This chair is a replacement for the one that leads from the back parking loft to the pew level in the Cathedral. The other chair - the one that descends to the basement - will be installed later.

3. The holes left over from the original air conditioning system are being filled in with drywall and mud. The south side of the nave is complete. Workers will begin on the apse tommorrow. Once the air conditioning ducts are re-routed on the north side of the nave, the old holes will be filled in. The new drywall is unpainted, so it's not entirely pleasant to behold, yet! When the mud dries, it will be painted to match the rest of the walls.


Anonymous said...

If the chair lift is working, you cannot utilize the wall buttons to retirieve the chair from the opposite level where the chair is located.

Mike Malcom said...

You are right. The wall buttons belonged to the old chair and do not work with the new one.

Msgr. Gier is working on finding a good solution to the problem.