Friday, July 28, 2006

The Old Air Ducts have "Disappeared"

[Click on the photo for a larger version.]

The drywallers have finished painting the walls. Fr. Matt La Chance did an excellent job of overseeing the choice of paint. When dry, the paint is a perfect match for the existing walls.

It is as if the old, rectangular ducts have "disappeared."

The drywall and paint work is done in the south side of the Nave and all along the Apse and Transepts. The only work that remains is the duct work, drywall and paint along the north side of the Nave.


Anonymous said...

Can you fix the speakers in the area of the side alters?

Thank you

Mike Malcom said...

Yes, the sound in the transepts is especially bad. The problem lies in the wiring and the way that certain speakers are wired together.

We plan to adjust some of the wiring to improve clarity in the transepts. That should happen within a few weeks. If the "adjustments" fail, we will likely have to re-wire several pairs of speakers.

Let's pray that the simple "adjustments" work!