Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Good-bye to the Old Playground

Several years ago, the Cathedral School stopped using the small playground near the priests' garage. The fenced-in and gravel-covered playground was too small for more than one grade to use at a time. The wood and metal climbing toys had fallen out of favor.

The School rebuilt in a much larger plot of land in full view of Boulder Avenue. The new climbing toys are safer and more attractive.

The abandoned old playground is in the first phase of finding a new purpose. Parish employees and volunteers are shearing the concrete "curb" which kept the gravel inside the playground. They are removing the fence posts and wooden bases for the climbing toys.

The plan is to move the two large metal sheds from the southwest corner of the parking lot. They will fit nicely into the old playground.

Future posts will detail the plan to move the buildings. The current plan is to lift the buildings onto casters. The hope is that these sheds-on-wheels will glide across the parking lot into their new space.

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motherof5boys1girl said...

i miss those old metal made playtime more interesting!