Thursday, July 15, 2010

School gets new carpet

The hallways of Holy Family Cathedral School are full of chairs, desks, fans, and computer monitors. Teachers wind their way through narrow aisles of open floor to get to their rooms. Once they get to their rooms, they find them completely empty.

The School is getting new carpet in almost every room.

The old carpet served us well. It tolerated being stretched over and over. The photo below shows the ripples in the old carpet.

The new carpet comes in squares - each about two feet long on a side. It is glued to the floor like any wall to wall carpet. The advantage is that if one square is damaged - due to myriad spills - that square is replaced.

This photo shows a section of new carpet. It is a little thicker than the old one.

The funds for the carpet come from grants from several organizations. We are grateful to those groups and to our grant-writers.

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