Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cathedral School begins Facility Upgrades

[This article, written by 8th grade teacher Trish Spoerl, describes the School's commitment to maintenance. While not part of the Cathedral's renovation, the School is an important part of the life of Holy Family Cathedral.]

A little over a year ago, Club 130 was established for Holy Family Cathedral School to generate an operating reserve to make facility repairs and upgrades to our historic school. We are pleased to announce that because of a steady growth in the number of generous contributors to the fund this year, new carpet for two classrooms was installed this fall. We thank those contributors to this fund and encourage others to find out more about Club 130. Information can be found on the school website under “Advancement”, or at the south exit of the Cathedral. It is our hope that the remaining six classrooms in the school can be re-carpeted by July 2010 as our building reserve fund grows in Club 130. God bless you for your dedication to continue the mission of our school that has lasted for one hundred and ten years!

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