Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Parish Library

The Parish Library, founded by Sister Eugenia Brown, OSB in the mid to late 90s, is getting a facelift. The parish RCIA volunteers - especially Joe Parker - see the library as a valuable resource for the many non-Catholics who are interested in learning more about what the Catholic Church teaches.

Joe is displaying several pieces of art from his own collection. He placed several crosses and crucifixes atop the bookcases. He decorated the shelves with statues of Mary from around the world.

An RCIA volunteer donated a computer to be used to keep track of the inventory and to make checking out books quick and easy.

Although this project is not part of the larger renovation, the effort and care that our parish RCIA team put into the library deserves recognition. The next step will be to open the library to the entire parish. Check back here and in the parish bulletin for more information and updates.

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Paul Stokell said...

Here @ St. Francis of Assisi in OKC we're setting up a parish library in our "Oklahoma Territory Room," on the second floor of Bishop Meerschaert's old house. A priest who stayed @ St. Francis in the 1970's left a whopping amount of 1960's and '70's era books on theology and the redefined role of the laity. (We also unearthed some tomes by some young priest named Ratzinger!)

Can you supply more pics of your library? And, yes, show us yours and we'll show you ours!