Friday, February 06, 2009

Time for an Update on the Roof

Tulsa is enjoying a beautiful and warm February day: 68 degrees. The roofers are probably enjoying the relief from the sub-freezing temperatures of recent weeks. They seem to be moving quickly up and down the sides of the central spire. That spire looks to be about halfway finished.

Almost all of the metal finials are finished. The roofers brought electric sanders to the finials to strip the old paint and rust. They repaired and refinished them in a brilliant white. They look fantastic against the brick walls and the new copper roof. We can hope that the workers will be able to clean or sand blast the white stone accents over the arches. They are looking quite "tired" next to the newness of the rest of the Cathedral's exterior.

Finally, we return to the Chapel. The first of the pews found its way back into the Chapel. When all the pews are installed, I will post more photos.


Anonymous said...

My 6 year old grandson just did a school project by constucting a model of Holy Family Cathedral. He saw the words Haec est Domus Domini on one of the pictures of the building and he asked me what it means. I don't know so can anyone tell me what Haec est Domus Domini means in English?

Mike Malcom said...

It means "This is the House of the Lord." It is also the title of a famous old musical composition.

I would love to see the model your grandson made. If you send a photo or two, I would like to post it on this blog.

Mike Malcom