Friday, June 13, 2008

Update: Sound System Calibrated & Completed

Mr. Wade Worley, our acoustical consultant from Houston, Texas, spent a day in the Cathedral tweaking the sound system. This is the final stage of our contract with him.

Mr. Worley began working with us in June of 2007. He measured the acoustic properties of the Cathedral, tested a smaller version of our present sound system, then helped Monsignor Gier choose a local installer. Mr. Tidmore, a parishioner and owner of Quantum Electric, ran conduit throughout the Cathedral in anticipation of the thousands of feet of wires to be installed. Ford Audio of Tulsa installed the speakers and electronics in December of 2007. Ford worked for the next several months installing speakers in the vestibules, antennae near the front doors, and running audio and video to the basement.

This week, Mr. Worley adjusted the sound for maximum intelligibility. He also discussed options for parishioners with hearling loss. If you know someone who might want to try our equipment, please share the following information. Here is the equipment we have:

These units receive the wireless signal and amplify it. There is a volume knob on the top of the receiver for easy adjustment.

This is the first of four headphones options. These headphones plug into the receiver units (above). They fit over one's head.

The second type of headphones is designed for women. These headphones have not arrived yet, so there is no photo. The headphones rests on the back of the neck and have speakers that extend upwards towards one's ears. The manufacturer says that these are designed for women who do not wish to have their hair disturbed.

The third type has no built-in speakers of its own. Parishioners with induction coils in their hearing aids may choose this option. The loop is worn like a necklace. It connects to the induction coils and provides very good sound quality.

The fourth option is to bring your own earphones. Some parishioners prefer to avoid the larger headphones at the Cathedral. They are free to bring any type of headphones or earbuds they wish. Most earbuds should work fairly well, but the Cathedral cannot guarantee that all will.

If you have any questions about the Cathedral's assistive hearing technology, please talk to an usher or contact Mike Malcom at the Parish Office.

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