Friday, December 07, 2007

The Speakers are Installed

If you look carefully, you'll see two slender speakers hanging on the fronts of the two red columns.

The new sound system has made an incredible difference. The clarity of the spoken word is simply amazing.

You'll hear it for yourself this weekend at Mass. Please give some feedback in the comments section below. Give your review (good or bad) and include where in the church you sat.


Anonymous said...

Well, is it all you are going to remodel, and when did the remodel began, i think we as Catholics need to learn that our Cherches are not mussiums, and aour feith its not based on the buildong eather, but it,s to the most grory Of GOD, JESUS AND MARY, AS WIFE OF THE HOLLY SPIRIT, isaw coment....

Anonymous said...

I think the sound is great from every area of the beautiful cathedral that is painstakingly being refreshed. Thank you.