Friday, November 16, 2007

"Going up?" "23rd Floor, please."

Anyone who has walked by the front of the Cathedral on a weekday knows that there seems to be a constant stream of construction workers carrying metal beams up the scaffolding into the Cathedral spires.

What are they doing?

They're building floors inside the spires. The all-metal floors will make it easier for the roofers to install the new copper roof on the Cathedral.

Each metal beam enters the south "little spire" above the front facade of Holy Family.

Workers have already completed the floors in both of the little towers. Monsignor Gier and Father Matt have climbed from floor to floor all the way to the top of the little towers.

The construction workers are currently building floors in the central tower. The photo on the right shows the area at the bottom of the spire. From the outside, it's the point where the brick ends and the conical spire begins. In the photo, you can see the inside of one of the clock faces.

This is likely to be the last photo of its kind. Soon, the workers will build floors all the way to the top of the central tower.

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