Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Cathedral Shuffle

Holy Family Cathedral is rather large (for a Catholic church in Oklahoma), but it seems like we are always searching for more storage space, yet another place to have a meeting, or a new spot to store seasonal items like our ever-growing Nativity scene.

Here are the changes:
  1. Pre-School Religious Education classes are moving to the School's Pre-School classroom
  2. The Cathedral Choir is moving to the Auditorium's Stage
  3. The Sacristy is expanding into the current Choir practice room
Sacristy Here is the current Sacristy. Yes, it is quite large and totally adequate for almost all parish Masses. We get congested during Diocesan prayer services and Masses. There isn't enough space for the bishop, his deacons, a half-dozen acolytes, and many, many concelebrating priests.

This Sacristy will remain intact. It will expand into the original Sacristy, now serving as the Choir practice Room.

New Sacristy space This room was the original sacristy, but the choir is using it as their practice room. The sacrarium is here (not shown in the photo). This area will hold most of the items needed by the acolytes.

So, where is the Choir going?

The Stage Heiring Auditorium's stage will be the new practice room for the Cathedral Choir. The walls are getting a fresh coat of paint. Cathedral maintenance men replaced a few broken drop ceiling panels. Today, workers are preparing to refinish the wood floor.

The stage is convenient for the choir because it is much larger than the old space. They will practice two stories below the choir loft.

Each December, the School and the parish RE program present Christmas pageants to their proud parents. All three groups will share the stage that month.

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