Friday, May 11, 2007

Repairing Ice Damage

Remember that ice storm last winter? The storm deposited two or three inches of ice over every house, tree, sidewalk - and Cathedral - in Tulsa. After several long and cold days, the weather finally changed.

The sun eventually warmed the ice on our tall Gothic church's roof. A large sheet slid off the roof and crashed onto our air conditioning equipment. The ice would have done considerable damage to the relatively delicate equipment. However, there is a large metal "roof" over the air conditioners that lets water through, but blocks ice and other falling objects. It's good to know that the metal structure does its job well. The bad news is that the metal roof was nearly destroyed in the process.

Men used a small crane to remove debris from the mechanical yard where the air conditioners are. They are currently working to rebuild the protective framework.


Anonymous said...

Regarding vestibule chair lift.

First - where is the chair lift to the basement?

Second - when the chair is on the upper level of the stairs a handicapped person coming in from the outside cannot recall the chair from the current position. With the old lift, you could use the wall mounted switch to recall the chair to the lower level. Currently, someone else has to help the handicapped person retrieve the chair from the opposite position.

Third - with the chair stopping on the step just prior to the required level, the handicapped person could fall due to poor footing since the chair does not decline or ascend to the lowest or highest level, respectively. This is asking for trouble.

Thank you

Mike Malcom said...

Those are all good questions.

The current chair lift is not adequate - for the reasons you mentioned and also because it does not help a person in a wheelchair. [The goal is to allow a person in a wheelchair to call the lift, roll onto it, and move to any level - all without assistance. It will also help a person who uses a walker or crutches.]

The best information I have is that Monsignor Gier has contracted a company that will install a lift that accommodates wheelchairs. The lift will make three stops: the basement, the entry from the parking lot, and the Cathedral. There will be call buttons at all three stops.

If I remember correctly, the company is installing their products in other facilities and will install our lift this Summer.

I will ask him for an update.

Mike Malcom said...

I spoke to Monsignor Gier this morning. He confirmed everything in the previous post and is eagerly awaiting the new lift's installation.