Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Church Fire Suppression System is done!

The large hydraulic basket lift, affectionately known as "our blue friend," is back in the middle of the Cathedral! It will complete the fire suppression system.

Workers are placing a small cover over each hole in the ceiling. The covers hide the sprinkler heads. If the system detects a fire in the Cathedral, the small covers will fall from the ceiling as the sprinkler heads lower and begin spraying water.

The lift will be removed for this weekend's Masses.

Update: The work is complete. Unless you are carefully looking for the covers, they are not visible.

1 comment:

marco frisbee (Paul Stokell) said...

Now THAT'S the thing to have for those nagging touch-up jobs on the ceiling!

The rondel/ducts add a very nice touch to what will be an already magnificent project. Well done!!